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Sunday, December 6, 2009


OK, I'm getting behind on these, so I'm going to plow through a few posts quickly to get myself caught up. I'm writing this on December 6, and I've already made 5 meals with the half-pig, so if I ever want to be able to do these real-time I need to make up some ground and fast.

In that spirit, these next couple posts will be a little short.

I did think it was worth noting the sheer volume half a pig takes up, and the fact that you need to manage a few logistics to get in the game. In particular, if you don't have a chest freezer, it's not a good idea.

Shannon and I did not own a chest freezer.

So when Dennison Meats in Dennison, MN (behind the gas station at the southwest corner of the intersection) called to tell us our pork was ready, we had some scrambling to do.

Our receipt. Yummy!

I quickly went online and started researching freezers. We settled on a 5 cubic foot model from Sears. I ordered online and went to pick it up in my Ford Fusion.

So a couple days later I came back with a coworker's SUV. Here it is in all its glory:

A few days later I drove down to Dennison to pick up the goods. Very nice people at the meat locker, helped me get loaded up and on my way. The full 117 pounds filled 3 coolers. Here's what half a pig looks like in the freezer:

And we're on our way!

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